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Running code

How to use TGPy

Open any chat, type some Python code and send it. It’s that simple.

2 + 2

s = 0
for i in range(100):
    s += i


If you edit your message, TGPy will recalculate the result.

When TGPy mistakes your plain-text message for code, type cancel to fix that.


You can experiment with TGPy in Saved Messages. Nobody else will see that ;)

Power of Python

All Python features are available, including module imports and function definitions. Moreover, you can use most of Telegram features, such as sending messages. You’ll learn more about them later in the guide.

Code result

You can explicitly return values in messages:

x = 2 * 2
return x


Otherwise, all computed values will be returned automatically:

x = 10
x * 7
x + 20

[70, 30]

You can also print values. The print function is redefined, so that the output is added to the message.

print('Hello World!')

Hello World!

Exceptions are also shown right in the message.


Long messages might be truncated because of Telegram limit of 4096 symbols per message.

More tips

  • TGPy saves the defined variables, so you use them in further messages
  • The _ variable contains the result of the previous message
  • Edit the message to rerun it