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Throwing dice (and faking the result)

author Artyom Ivanov

When you send the 🎲 (dice) emoji in Telegram, it gets animated and shows a random result.

This trick works similarly on 🎯 🎳 ⚽️ 🏀. However, in this recipe I will refer to all such animation messages as «dice messages» (they call it all dice in Telegram API.)

You can send a dice message from TGPy as following:

from import InputMediaDice as Dice

await msg.respond(file=Dice('🎲'))

You can change the emoji to throw something other than a dice.

You can't choose the result, because it's generated server-side. You also can't edit a dice message. Nevertheless, you can send dice and delete them until you get the desired result:

from import InputMediaDice as Dice

async def throw_dice(val):
    m = await ctx.msg.respond(file=Dice('🎲'))
    while != val:
        await m.delete()
        m = await ctx.msg.respond(file=Dice('🎲'))

This will work for about 2 seconds. Chat members will see your messages quickly appear and disappear until you get the right dice.

Note that the method works only in groups and channels due to the fact that you can't delete dice messages in direct messages.

In terms of emoji other than 🎲, the result is usually represented in the same way. That is, the value is a number from 1 to 6 and 6 is the best result.

🎰 (casino) result, however, is the number from 1 to 64 where 64 is the win.

I don't recommend using the above brute-force method on 🎰, because it will spam sending-deleting messages for a while.