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Module metadata

Modules are stored as separate Python files. Module metadata is a YAML comment in the beginning of the module file. You can safely edit it manually; the changes will apply after a restart.

Metadata example

    name: MyModule
    once: false
    origin: tgpy://module/MyModule
    priority: 1655584820

# module code goes here


Key Description Default value
name The name of the module
once If true, the module will be deleted after running. false
origin The string that specifies the origin of the module (used for logs) tgpy://module/<module_name>
priority A number that defines the order in which modules are run at startup. The module with the lowest priority will run first. timestamp for the time the module was created

You can also define custom fields.

Change as attributes

You can change the fields by editing the Module object. To set custom fields, use .extra dict. For example:

m = modules['shell']
m.once = False
m.priority = 0
m.extra['description'] = 'This module defines shell() function'